Top Trends In 10×10 Trade Show Displays to look for

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3 min readJul 8, 2021


With many tricks and pleasing contenders across all the corners of the booth centers, it’s quite overwhelming to deriving the trade fair booth designing by providing your business the desired exposure you hope to urge. Often, this is particularly true when a 20×20 trade show booth exhibition is overcrowded with the industry giants.

Need not worry — by looking at the amazing design concepts which provide you the utmost return on your investment — the most simplistic aspect is that you need not spend an insane amount of currency to earn the creative design ideas. Think strategically and have a bit out-of-the-box touch for trade show booth rental Dallas and a 20×20 trade show booth to operate.

§ The 3D display features: 3D Hologram displays are relatively innovative and newly designed for trade shows. Simply, by including these into the trade show booth design for setting aside the band which provides an over-edge competition.

§ Natural Plans: Most attendees work day in and out for witnessing the trade show booths across the floor. Imagine the astonishment that helps in creating the best look and feel for the outdoors across nature.

§ Several Touch Video Walls: Using animated displays for interacting with the trade show visitors. The extensive and elaborative way people are engrossed with the audio/visual displays, greater the chances of accomplishment and finding out the exhibition tools for generating brightly, intended for drawing the 20×20 trade show booth for the exhibit booth.

§ Touch monitors: With the display panels that enable smoother communication and straightforward brand message, but most significantly, it allows visitors at your booth to interact together with your brand the way it’s required.

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§ Selecting the natural materials: Adding natural materials in booth design doesn’t only give people a change of scenery; it’s also like sending messages to the visitors the brands consciously.

§ Building an amazingly attractive booth: A 20×20 trade show booth by appearance looks astonishing as the booth having a suitable exhibitor whose primary goal is to check the related criticalities. Rather, it’s quite worthwhile to create an exhibiting space where all the visitors have forgotten the escaping stand. Applying the natural touch across the outdoor-themed designs for the trade show booth to operate in a completely altered sphere.

All the above points manage and help the 10×10 trade show displays and trade show booth rental in Indianapolis for managing the most outstanding exhibition stall design in the budget by showcasing the most unique features. With the critical functions for the client’s support to the media. Triumfo has an abundant and beautiful way of attracting visitors to their booth in any trade show exhibition. With classic styles and a gamut of intermediaries trying to develop the business in the best way. With designing concepts and proper selections — Triumfo has a team of leading exhibition stall designers. We built stands not only in India but globally for constructing exhibition stall designs. For any related queries, it’s suitable to visit!

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