A complete guide to trade show design Ideas

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3 min readMay 26, 2021


Innovative and elegant designs of exhibition booth designs for creating amazing design styles and ideas is the need of the hour. Even before understanding the nitty-gritty of any design ideas for the exhibitions, we must understand that each visual design element that goes into building creative stand design has its own styling.

With a medley of multiple and distinct units which add glamour for creating an amazing composition to the exhibition stand by supporting the universal rules of design and composition — Triumfo is your partner. Carefully considering each visual design element that goes into designing a creative stand design, its management, and gimmicks by altering the ultimate look and feel is our prime motto.

trade show display design

Elements that are the building blocks of a good exhibition stand design are:

Location: Location is the most vital factor when it involves any exhibition stand. The approach pattern depends on the location of the exhibition area and is one of the primary deciding factors for any stand location. Considering the flow of traffic from the entry and exit points, pathways to conferences, restrooms, and cafeteria — location matters the most.

Deciding the entry and exit point (whether you’ve got a corner/island stand) for your exhibition stand design or banner Point of Sale, figuring out an in-depth plan from the show organizers is important. So there’s no sure-shot rule to executing an ingenious exhibition design that will win the show. We are adept in providing you the best location visibility that will help in meeting all expectations like location, theme, and appearance drastically.

Composition: Composition means the placing of the objects in a correct and in aesthetically pleasing manner. An equivalent principle applies to exhibition stand design ideas as well. Don’t clutter the objects and confirm there’s enough space between them. Keep the straightforward visibility and spacious accessibility for attendees in mind. Also, maintain the distance between each counter, showcase, and shelf for proper exhibition stand design.

Lighting: Never believe the lighting that shows’ organizers provide you. It’s always preferable to have customized lighting, set-up for surety about the mood and ambiance. Customization makes your attendees feel calmer at your exhibition stand. Additionally, colour lighting does an excellent job by conveying a distinct theme for your exhibition design.

Colour: Individual brand guidelines decide the colosaur palette of the exhibition stand design. There’s not much room for innovation and there’s no got to do so either. Simple trade show exhibit companies also can be quite effective. Many bright colours may end up in more clutter, which reduces brand recall. We aim to form the clearest and quickest brand association possible within the mind of the attendee.


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